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Topics of the conference

ANumerical PDEs
BNumerical linear algebra
CRegularization methods
DData Assimilation
EODEs,PDEs&Integral Equations
FControl theory
GLinear algebra
HInverse problems
JApproximation theory
KImage processing
LModel reduction

All presentations will be given in English. The duration of the contributed talks will be 20 minutes and there will be two parallel sessions. The talks will be given in the conference rooms A (first column of the program) and B (second column of the program).


By hovering the mouse over each name you can see the title of the presentation, and by clicking you can see the abstract.

Monday 2/7
08:00-08:40 Registration
08:40-09:00 Opening Remarks
Vassilios Dougalis
Numerical Analysis of long-wave models for surface water waves
Contributed talks
Session A1,
Numerical PDEs
Session B1,
Numerical linear algebra
Angel Duran
Numerical approximation to the fractional nonlinear Schrödinger equation
Sang-Hyup Seo
Convergence of a Modified Newton Method for a Matrix Polynomial Equation Arising in Stochastic Problems
Eduardo Abreu
Finite difference Eulerian-Lagrangian schemes for hyperbolic problems with discontinuous flux and stiff source
Achiya Dax
Is Lanczos tridiagonalization essential for solving large eigenvalue problems?
Hyam Abboud
A Stabilized bi-grid method for both Allen-Cahn and Navier-Stokes equations
Koen Ruymbeek
Efficient calculating the selected eigenvalues of parametrized matrices
11:05-11:30 Coffee break
Thomas Richard
Application of PLSQ to Special Function Values

Maple presentation, Part 1
Session K1,
Image processing
Session E1,
ODEs, PDEs & Integral Eq.
Anna Karapiperi
Extrapolation methods and their applications in image reconstruction and restoration
Patricia Díaz de Alba
Recovering the electrical conductivity of the soil via linear integral equations
Andreas Langer
Convergent Domain Decomposition Methods for Total Variation Minimization
Bor Plestenjak
Subspace methods for three-parameter eigenvalue problems
Davide Bianchi
Regularization preconditioners for frame-based image deblurring
Cristina Anton
Pseudo-symplectic methods for stochastic Hamiltonian systems
Viktoria Taroudaki
Image enhancement of 4 dimensional biomedical images with regularization
Robert Kaiser
On a Collocation-quadrature Method for the Singular Integral Equation of the Notched Half-plane Problem
Hassane Sadok
Review of the convergence of some Krylov subspaces methods for solving linear systems of equations with one or several right hand sides
17:45-18:00 Refreshments
Contributed talks
Session B2,
Numerical linear algebra
Session G1,
Linear algebra
Joab Winkler
The Computation of the Greatest Common Divisor of Three Polynomials
Jie Meng
On the positive definite solutions of the nonlinear matrix equations $X^p=A\pm M^T(X^{-1}\mathbf{\#}B)^{-1}M$
Andreas Stathopoulos
Using the power of iterative methods for the SVD in machine learning
Leila Lebtahi
On the inverse problem associated to $KAK = A^{s+1}$
Panayiotis Psarrakos
Gershgorin type sets for polynomial eigenvalue problems
Ji Eun Kim
Generalized $\mathbf{S}\mathbf{R}$ calculus for derivatives of split-quaternionic functions
19:20-19:50 Poster Blitz
21:00 Welcome Reception

Tuesday 3/7
Dario Andrea Bini
Quasi-Toeplitz matrices: analysis, algorithms and applications
Contributed talks
Session B3,
Numerical linear algebra
Session I1-F1,
Optimisation - Control Th.
Dimitrios Noutsos
Precondioned GMRES Method for the Solution of Non-Symmetric Real Toeplitz Systems
Hamadi Ammar
Stochastic global optimization using tangent minorants for Lipschitz functions
Sean Hon
Absolute value circulant preconditioners for nonsymmetric Toeplitz-related systems
Denis Hamad
Constrained Weighted Feature Selection
Il'In Valery
On the two-level iterative methods in the Krylov subspaces
George Miminis
Distance to $\mathcal{R}$-Uncontrollability
11:05-11:30 Coffee break
Thomas Richard
New Interpolation features in Maple 2018

Maple presentation, Part 2
Session D1,
Data Assimilation
Session A2,
Numerical PDEs
Azzouz Dermoune
Parametrizations and prediction
Orestis Vantzos
A Fast Local Relaxation Solver for Certain 4th Order PDEs
Pietro Dell'Acqua
Study of boundary conditions in the Iterative Filtering method for the decomposition of nonstationary signals
Lyudmila Vshivkova
Kinetic-MHD numerical model of the interaction of an electron beam with the plasma
Paulius Palevičius
Perfect matrices of Lagrange differences for the interpretation of dynamics of the cardiovascular system
Ivan Yotov
Coupled multipoint flux and multipoint stress mixed finite element methods for poroelasticity
Victor Shutyaev
Sensitivity of the optimal solution of variational data assimilation problems
Paris Vassalos
Optimal preconditioners for Fractional PDE's

Michele Benzi
Generalized Matrix Functions: Theory and Computation
17:45-18:00 Refreshments
Contributed talks
Session B4,
Numerical linear algebra
Session A3,
Numerical PDEs
Paraskevi Fika
Numerical Linear Algebra Aspects in the Analysis of Absorption Graphs
Ismail Merabet
Iterative methods for the obstacle problem of a Naghdi's shel
Vasileios Georgiou
On a block approach for approximating selected elements of the matrix inverse
Jean-Marc Gratien
A robust Multi-Level Domain~Decomposition Preconditioner for Reservoir Simulation scalable on Many-Core~architecture
Mohamed El Guide
A generalized matrix Krylov subspace method for TV regularization
Sylwester Arabas
MPDATA Meets Black-Scholes: Derivative Pricing as a Transport Problem
Marilena Mitrouli
Estimating matrix functionals via extrapolation
Abdelmalek Zine
Review and complements on dual mixed finite element methods for non-Newtonian fluid flow problems

Wednesday 4/7
Michael Tsatsomeros
Envelope: Localization for the Spectrum of a Matrix

The ILAS Lecturer
Contributed talks
Session G2,
Linear algebra
Session H1,
Inverse problems
Dimitrios Triantafyllou
Approximate Greatest Common Divisor through factorization of matrices of special structure
Natalia Lezina
Domain decomposition method in the problems of oceans and seas hydrothermodynamics based on theory of inverse problems
Aikaterini Aretaki
Sharp bounds for eigenvalues of the generalized $k,m$-step Fibonacci matrices
Ioannis Arkoudis
An inverse scattering problem for an electromagnetic layered ellipsoid
Plamen Koev
Accurate and Efficient Traces of Beta--Wishart Matrices
Alexey Penenko
Truncated SVD methods in the inverse source problems for the advection-diffusion-reaction models with image-type measurement data
Dimitrios Christou
Further insights into the embedding properties of Hadamard matrices
Stefania Zoi
A near-field inverse scattering problem for a thermoelastic ellipsoid
11:30-12:00 Coffee break
Session B5,
Numerical linear algebra
Sessions L1-F2,
Model reduct. - Control th.
Yuli Eidelman
A new eigenvalue algorithm for unitary Hessenberg matrices via quasiseparable representations
Zoran Tomljanovic
Sampling-free parametric model reduction of structured systems
Zvonimir Bujanovic
A Householder-based algorithm for Hessenberg-triangular reduction
Fotios Kasolis
Information-Based Model Reduction for Nonlinear Electro-Quasistatic Field Problems
Daan Camps
A rational QZ method
Alicia Herrero Debón
Linear control systems partially ordered by the sharp partial order

The Conference Excursion to Methoni

Thursday 5/7
Sotirios Notaris
Error estimate for the Gauss quadrature formula: The Gauss-Kronrod vs the anti-Gaussian approach
Contributed talks
Session C1,
Regularization methods
Session B6,
Numerical linear algebra
Alessandro Buccini
An $\ell^p-\ell^q$ minimization method with cross-validation for the restoration of impulse noise contaminated images
Franck Dufrenois
One class learning as a null space kernel Rayleigh quotient. Application to abnormal events detection in video sequences
Claudio Estatico
Acceleration of iterative regularization methods by delta-convex functionals in Banach spaces
Sasa Stanko
Jacobi-type Algorithm for Cosine-Sine Decomposition
Paraskevi Roupa
Numerical methods for estimating the tuning parameter in penalized least squares problems
Fuminori Tatsuoka
Computation of the matrix logarithm using the double exponential formula
11:05-11:30 Coffee break
Session J1,
Approximation theory
Session A4,
Numerical PDEs
Paola Boito
Rational Approximation for the Inverse of a $\phi$-Function of Quasiseparable Matrices
Francisco Bernal
Solving nonlinear systems of PDEs with the Partition of Unity - RBF method via the trust-region algorithm
B. Ali Ibrahimoglu
A fast algorithm for computing the mock-Chebyshev interpolation
Yassin Belkourchia
Regularization and differential quadrature procedures for dynamic analysis of beams with arbitrary discontinuities
Miguel Ángel Fortes
Filling holes with edge reconstruction
Marta Paliaga
Numerical insights of an improved SPH method
Abdelhamid  Rehouma
Convergence problems in Smirnov spaces
Yuri Laevsky
One approach to the numerical simulation of the filtration problem in the presence of wells with given total flow rates

Contributed talks
Session B7,
Numerical linear algebra
Session D2,
Data Assimilation
Hessah Alqahtani
Generalized Block Anti-Gauss Quadrature Rules
Anna Concas
Matlab implementation of a spectral algorithm for the seriation problem
Oussama Abidi
The rational-extended Krylov subspace method for model reductions
Natalia Zakharova
ICS ``INM RAS – Baltic Sea'' for the marine environment state monitoring
Fatemeh Panjeh Ali Beik
A generalized global Arnoldi method based on tensor format for ill-posed tensor equations
Eugene Parmuzin
The inverse and variational data assimilation problem on finding the heat flux in the sea thermodynamics model
Ahmed Salam
Treating breakdowns and near breakdowns in JHESS-algorithm for a reducing a matrix to upper $J$-Hessenberg form
Tomoaki Okayama
New conformal map for the Sinc approximation for exponentially-decaying functions over the semi-infinite interval
18:40-18:55 Refreshments
Lothar Reichel
The Arnoldi process for ill-posed problems
21:00 Conference Dinner at the Gourmet Restaurant of Elite City Resort Hotel Yiamas Gastro Bar

Friday 6/7
Paul Van Dooren
Linearizations of polynomial and rational matrices
Yousef Saad
Dimension reduction techniques: Algorithms and applications
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
Petros Drineas
RandNLA: Randomization in Numerical Linear Algebra
12:30 Closing Remarks

Colors: Speaker, Scientific Event , Social Event.